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Why are my new bearings slow?

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Bearing Maintenance - Support - Bones BearingsYour new Bones® Bearings are the most accurately manufactured part of your balls and the races inside the bearing, and a hair will clog it up and slow you down. Some solvents/commercial products that we have used are: pure, or almost 

Fix slow skateboard wheels – Scout Life magazineQ. The wheels on my skateboard aren't spinning well anymore. put some Randall downhill trucks with brand new bearings but when I try to turn my longboard Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant : Bones Speed Cream Skate Bearing Lubricant : Sports & Outdoors. MORE LIKE SLOW CREAM. my bearing just go slower with this on and not for to buy new bearings when old ones get slow and forego this kind of treatment

Why Are My Brand New Bearings Slow?
  d D f0 RoHS Type Seal Seals Brand
(07097/07196D - - - - - - - CX
3982/3920 - - - - - - - -
39581/39520 - 355.6 mm - - - - - -
3982/20 40 68 - - - - - -
3980/3925 - - - - Bearings with Housin - ZZ (Double Shield) -
4T-3982/3920 - - - - - - - -
18690/20 - - - 6 - Nitrile - -
3384/20 35 mm 72 mm 13.8 - - - - NTN

I just got a new high-end longboard and one of the wheels isApr 5, 2016 — I just got a new high-end longboard and one of the wheels is slow. Often my board won't roll at all because my bearings are so worn and I have not cleaned 

Why my wheels so slow? - SkatersCafeMar 25, 2012 — my wheels are very slow compared to my friends. so today i decided to buy new bearings, so i bought speed demon abec 5 bearings. is that any 6 Reasons Your Skateboard Is Slow | OutreachskateboardingAlso, new bearings have a minor break-in period, some quicker than others. Check to determine if bearings are inserted, sometimes they might be installed 

How to Fix Slow Bearings?
timken 3982 Bearing timken bearing 07100 Bearing dac3055w timken Bearing
3982/3920 07098/07204  
39581/39520 Set15  
3982/20 14125A  
3980/3925 07100/07204  
4T-3982/3920 (07097/07196D Dac3055W-3CS31
18690/20   Dac42760038/35
3384/20 - Dac3055W/3CS21
- - Dac30680045
- - Dac3055W
- - Dac3055W-3

New bearings - is this normal? [Archive] - SkateLog ForumI did read that new bearings can take some time to "break in" -- is that what I'm So when you try to spin a cold bearing its slow rollingThe Biggest Lie in Skateboarding: Why Hand Spin ≠ BearingOct 16, 2018 — If slow, the bearings suck. have when getting our hands on a new bearing/wheel combination is to give the Why does lube slow the bearing down? If you still have some questions regarding hand spinning or accurate 

How wheels and bearings affect speed — Skate One ForumI started skating it on the street and noticed that it's significantly slower. All my bearings and wheels are still pretty close to new at this pointSkateboard Bearings - The Truth!!! - Vandem Longboard ShopJump to When do I need new skateboard bearings? — You need new skateboard bearings if your Top tip - bearings are unlikely to slow you down When you feel like spending some money on something you don't really need

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